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Schlagwerk Percussion U78 Side Skin Udu

The Skin Udu is the highlight of our Udu range and offers a variety of features. Apart from the side sound hole, which yields soft, round harmonious bass tones, this Udu has a thin, natural skin. Depending on the playing technique, this high pitched, pre-tuned membrane is capable of producing a kaleidoscope of sounds ranging from deep resonant basses to powerful darabuka-related high tonal sounds. The varying surface strengths of this Udu mean that it is capable of two body-sounds, which can be produced by playing with the fingers and technique and yield a stony percussive sound type. The combination of oriental drum sounds and soft low pitched bass tones create a unique and inspiring sound experience.

The new Side Skin Udu differs significantly from the other models due to the side position of the natural skin playing surface. This enables the player to use new techniques, e.g. playing the membrane and the side hole with one hand simultaneously.

Height: 35cm. Diameter: 25cm. Includes floor base.


Schlagwerk Percussion Side Skin Udu U78

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